Picture by David M. Dworkin

"Tara Handron, a playwright and actress, does as good of a job as anyone I've known, at uncovering why and how recovering alcoholics are able to stay sober when they spill their guts between four walls."
— BeliefNet's Beyond Blue by Therese Borchard

“As a performer, Handron is dynamic and damn near fearless, embodying over the course of the hour a panoply of characters, as well as abstract concepts from the alcoholic’s psychological landscape…” 
— DCtheatrescene.com

 “...they’ll walk away with hope.”
— Cultruremob.com

"Tara Handron, a grad student at Georgetown University, wrote and performs this collection of characters, displaying consummate technique and a nice touch with character."
— Express Night Out

"The soliloquys in the first part of this hourlong dramatic casebook depict women still in the grips of addiction, while later character portraits chronicle humbling and — as the play's tone tilts increasingly toward optimism — ultimately successful battles with the problem."
— Washington Post

"Finding it hard to resist that last bottle of Nuvo? Tara Handron understands and has the solution: a one-woman show."
— NBC Washington

“It’s different women’s stories at different points in the process: before recovery, realizing the need for recovery from alcoholism and then what sometimes happens or what can be expected of someone who goes into recovery, specifically what might be heard or shared in a meeting of recovery.” 
— The Hoya

"Handron brilliantly balances the seriousness and complexities of alcoholism with comedic levity."
— The Georgetown Voice