The Write Stuff

Drunk with Hope

While pursuing her master's at Georgetown University, as part of her thesis, Tara wrote the one-woman show, “What’s a Girl to do When It’s Time to Put Down the Drink?” It premiered at Georgetown in 2008 and was directed by Laura Brienza. The play was so well-received they did a full production at H St Playhouse in Washington, DC 2009.  Following that production "What's a Girl to do..." was renamed "Drunk with Hope in Chicago."  Since that time, Tara has performed her play in festivals in NYC, Chicago, DC, and LA. "Hope" gets around. It's been performed all over - theaters, conferences, special events, treatment centers, and even jails. Recent developments of the play warranted another name adjustment to “Drunk with Hope.”

Ana and Mia
Aren’t Friends

Ana and Mia are definitely not friends. They are not even people. After two clinicians who operate a premier eating disorder center saw Tara’s show about female alcoholics in recovery they wanted a play that could provide some awareness, education, and understanding to eating disorders. Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and others like them compete, mingle, and root in the playground of misery. Unlike drugs and alcohol, a person can’t “give up” food. This play, through a series of monologues, tells stories of the experiences and feelings of those for whom food, scales, non-stretch clothing, and reflective surfaces, may always be an enemy of sorts, or maybe not.